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Cruising to Barcelona

Our cruise left the Houston Cruise  Port Terminal on April 16.  It was the last cruise from this port, which is going to be converted to a container terminal. Our ship was the Norwegian Cruise Lines “Jade”, which was repositioning to Europe.  A seperate blog post details our extensive dining experience.

We made a quick stop in Miami to pick up more passengers.   Our first real port of call was St. Thomas,  VI where we got off for a walk before 6 days at sea.  A ride up the cable car gave some good views of the surroundings,  and our ship.

We joined with the cruisecritics.com crew and had a great time.   There were over 100 of us,  from around the world.   We even celebrated joint birthdays with Romola and Jennifer.   Special thanks to Viet for including us!

Our next stop was Funchal, Madeira where we had a nice excursion.   Our first stop was at the market,  with the usual collection of plants,  veggies, meat and seafood.   Always interesting to see what’s local!  Then, a short stop to taste the local Madeira wine. We even took a ride on their famous toboggan!

Then on to Barcelona.   I managed to get a picture of the Rock of Gibraltar,  even though it was late and I only had my small camera.   Then on to Barcelona,  where I’m sure new adventures await us.


Serial in St Thomas


Not all people that live here are poor


Or ship on the left


Or new friends Dan and Veronica


Cliffs at Funchal


Fishing village colors


In the fish market


Flower merchant in traditional clothes


In the Madeira winery


Living on the side of a hill


Hang on!


Vietnam and his new wife, who had a birthday


Jennifer's birthday on the same day as romola


Gibraltar at dusk

  1. cruiseplannersctwv
    May 25, 2016 at 2:08 pm

    An enjoyable read with fabulous photos!

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