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Our second stop was in Mazatlan. We’ve never been here before, so we booked a walking excursion to learn more. Unfortunately, the walking tour was cancelled, so we did our own walk around. It was assisted by excellent markings on the road (follow the blue line to and from downtown) and volunteers to answer any questions. This was very well done, appreciated.

We walked to town and visited their main church. Nice architecture, and as usual, beautiful appointments inside. Outside was nice too, with neighborhoods in colorful paint. We learned that shrimp dishes are local to this area, so we set out to find someplace that featured it. And we did, we found an upstairs restaurant on the beach that served some of the best shrimp ever.

After lunch we walked along the coast where we watched cliff divers defying death. Then we walked back to the boat. Along the way we saw several tributes to singing stars, like the Beatles Abby Road street crossing. There were police everywhere, including a pickup truck with heavily armed forces (and a truck mounted machine gun). But we felt secure, and Mazatlan was our favorite stop.

And to feature our food… the Sinafoense Restaurant and Bar serve the specialty of the area. That is a shrimp stuffed with cheese, wrapped in bacon, and baked. So good! We also had their Shrimp Diablo, shrimp, corn and potato in a fiery hot sauce.

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