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Montserrat, and Cava wine

Montserrat is a beautiful mountain range about an hour northwest of Barcelona. It  occupies an important part in Barcelona history, and has been contested by various armies, including Napoleon. It also is the home of the Virgin of Montserrat, the patroness of Catalunya, AKA the black Madonna.

The monastery itself is spectacular, with portions dating back to 1200.  Many people still make pilgrimages to the site, and it shows…. very busy even mid week.  Also of interest is the Basilica boys choir,  which performs twice a day.  We got to hear them perform in a very crowded chapel.

There is also a very steep rail car to take you to the top for even more spectacular views.  In short, a terrific spot for both history and natural beauty.

After our tour we stopped off at small winery.  Actually,  not a winery, as they only specialize in “Cava”, the local sparkling wine.   Consider it the Spanish version of champagne.   One of the winery principals  gave an excellent tour of the original house,  over 1,000 years old.   Then a detailed explanation of how Cava is produced,  followed by a tasting of the various vintages.   Bought a bottle to take home. ..


Montserrat from a distance


The monastery, nestled in the rocks


A view from the top


Pat of the original monastery, dating back to 1200


Entrance to the chapel


Inside the chapel


Boys choir performing


Stained glass window


Entrance to the old house


Kitchen inside the old house


The old wine press


Portion of the wine cellar


More modern production area


The 1,000 year old olive tree in the back yard

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  1. May 5, 2016 at 5:24 am

    I John and Romola… was a pleasure for me to be your guide. We are always happy to meet such an interesting people from whom we can learn as well!!! Keep on rolling with your truck, because life is out there!!! 😉 hugs


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