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On to Cabo San Lucas

We walked to the terminal only to find a very long line. With nothing else to do, we made some new friends. Finally on board and into our cabin. A little faded ship design but quite roomy. This ship uses a chip in a medallion so the door unlocks when you get close. And you can order anything no contact. Technology at work!

There were a lot of activities to keep us busy. Trivia, bag toss, music, karaoke, and so on. And quite an artistic fruit and vegetable carving. The evening concerts have been entertaining s well.

We have found the food to be much better than many others. Not just the quality, but also the variety of dishes. And the service has been prompt and friendly.

We are now in Cabo, but we’re not getting off the ship. Been here before, and no crowds in the hot tub, so that’s our afternoon activity. Tonight we move to La Paz.

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