Broken water line

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Shortly after Tanya and Shane left, we heard a loud noise coming somewhere in the back. Took a look, and noticed water flowing out of the wall in the garage. We’ve had a rather severe cold snap, so we obviously had frozen water lines. Of course, it was Christmas Eve, so getting help was impossible. This is a rented house, so all repairs had to come through them, and they didn’t answer the phone. So I turned the water off and soldered a cap on the water line, then turned the water back on. At least we had water all weekend so we could flush toilets, shower, and cook.

After the weekend the rental company sent a plumber. He found three breaks, fixed them all. Another week or so later the sheet rock guy came and closed the holes in the wall so we are back to normal.

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Tanya and Shane’s visit

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Tanya and Shane live on their sailboat, currently in the BVI (or vicinity). They came back to Texas for a visit with family, friends and doctors. They stayed at our house for 6 days. We had a great visit, but didn’t do much worthy of a blog post – but it was great for the family.

We did go for a walk, and Shane got to try out his new 360 camera (on the stick poking up in the picture). Some interesting imagery that way! Romola, Tanya, Stacy and I went to a very interesting concert. They played the movie “Home Alone” in the Myerson, with the Symphony Orchestra playing the music soundtrack. Most interesting!

We were sad to see them go but know they were looking forward to their visit with Mary, Shane’s mother. Then they had a long trip back to their boat.

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Puerto Vallarta

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Porto Vallarta was our last stop. We had booked a city tour through our travel agent and were looking forward to it. They promised visits to local craftsmen and a tequila distillery. Well, they did, but we feel the leather shop and distillery were affiliated with the cruise, so instead of a discovery tour we went shopping with very specific stores. So we did see glimpses of PV, but not as we had hoped.

Nevertheless, we did get some walking time in at what we presume is the center of town. Well, at least for tourists. At least we can say we’ve been to Puerto Vallarta.

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Our second stop was in Mazatlan. We’ve never been here before, so we booked a walking excursion to learn more. Unfortunately, the walking tour was cancelled, so we did our own walk around. It was assisted by excellent markings on the road (follow the blue line to and from downtown) and volunteers to answer any questions. This was very well done, appreciated.

We walked to town and visited their main church. Nice architecture, and as usual, beautiful appointments inside. Outside was nice too, with neighborhoods in colorful paint. We learned that shrimp dishes are local to this area, so we set out to find someplace that featured it. And we did, we found an upstairs restaurant on the beach that served some of the best shrimp ever.

After lunch we walked along the coast where we watched cliff divers defying death. Then we walked back to the boat. Along the way we saw several tributes to singing stars, like the Beatles Abby Road street crossing. There were police everywhere, including a pickup truck with heavily armed forces (and a truck mounted machine gun). But we felt secure, and Mazatlan was our favorite stop.

And to feature our food… the Sinafoense Restaurant and Bar serve the specialty of the area. That is a shrimp stuffed with cheese, wrapped in bacon, and baked. So good! We also had their Shrimp Diablo, shrimp, corn and potato in a fiery hot sauce.

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Cabo San Lucas

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Our first stop, after one sea day, was Cabo San Lucas. This is a shallow water port, so no dock, but useD life boats to tender to and from shore. It was also a short stay, we arrived at 11AM and left at 5PM. There were some pretty fancy yachts in the harbor, and traffic in the harbor entrance was heavy at dusk.

We were going to stay on board but after we waited a while, there were no crowds, so might as well. We just walked around but did find an obscure restaurant where we got a nice lunch. Then we found out this was one of Cabo’s favorite watering holes and night spots.

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Mexico cruise

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We keep our eyes open for any special deals in cruises. Our fall cruise was on Holland America, and they had a relatively new ship, the “Koningsdam”. It appears to be an up to date ship, with unique features, like a wraparound screen in the theater. We managed to find a relatively inexpensive cruise to Mexico out of San Diego.

We only had one other cruise out of San Diego, and never to Mexico, so that seemed like a good idea. And, we found a fairly low return air fare from Dallas, so it all came out. We booked it and flew out on December 4. We found a nice hotel, within easy walking distance from the cruise terminal. After a nice breakfast in San Diego we boarded the ship.

The ship was very nice, with new and modern features. We had a balcony to enjoy the sights and sounds. Our cruise went to Cabo San Lucas, Mazatlan and Puerto Vallarta. The ports will b e detailed in future blogs.

We were seriously disappointed in the entertainment. There really wasn’t any, mostly movies, lectures and some dance numbers. And most of these were exactly the same as we had on the Zaandam, our fall cruise. I don’t think we will be on Holland America again.

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The Nutcracker music score

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We do like our concerts. Saw an interesting one happening at the Myerson Symphony Hall, featuring the Dallas Symphony Orchestra. This was the music of the Nutcracker, which even without the opera-etic stage work was most excellent.

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Splitting wood

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Stacy had a big oak tree in her back yard that was getting old and weak. So, she had it cut down. This left a lot of fire wood, but it had to be split first. Best thing was to rent a splitter and we (Romola, John and Stacy) made short work of it.

She also built a wood rack, so she has lots of work to do to move all the wood to the rack. But she’ll be ready for the winter…

And that’s only part of it
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Dallas Arboretum

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We always enjoy visiting the Dallas Arboretum, especially during the season change. They keep a remarkable range of plants growing there year round. Of course, this being October, pumpkins were the star of the show.

Wonder what they do with all the old pumpkins? Well, I heard the elephants in the Dallas Zoo consider them a real delicacy…

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Fall cruise, itinerary

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Well, after that slow start we boarded our cruise and prepared for a nice trip. Unfortunately, this cruise was right after hurricane Ian, and there was much damage in the ports. We had to skip one, but made up for it with an extra day in Quebec City.

Our itinerary was from Montreal, then to Quebec City (where our stay was extended from one day to two), Port aux Mueles, Boston and Fort Lauderdale. As stated, there are full photo albums on, just go to 2022 then Cruises the Fall cruise. Here are a few pictures highlighting the trip.


Quebec City

Cap aux Mueles



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