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La Paz

February 1, 2023 1 comment

When we were in Cabo, the weather forecast for our next stop – La Paz – was for rain. And, in fact, it rained hard. But as our ship drew closer the weather improved, with sun and temps in the high 60s. Lucky us!

The port is about 20 miles from the city, but the (free) bus service was very good. On the way in, the scenery reminded us of Arizona. But the city was typical Mexican.

We visited the local church (La Paz Cathedral), a popular tourist destination. Then we walked part of the Malecon, the seaside walkway which features interesting statues. Since the Malecon is some 13 miles long we only walked part of it. And only photographed a few statues. If we had more time we could have pictured more.

Then it was back to the ship, and continue on to our next port in Loreto. Another port we’ve never been to, more things to explore.

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Another Mexico cruise

January 31, 2023 Leave a comment

Last month we did a Mexico cruise on Holland America, and while the itinerary was ok, we did not like the ship service. So when we saw a similar cruise out of San Diego on Princess, we decided to try Princess. Found reasonable air fares to San Diego too so we booked it.

We liked San Diego as cruise port, close to the airport and a nice hotel within yards of the terminal. And weather was supposed to be nice so we packed light.

The flight over was super easy, no crowds. The shuttle showed up on time and we booked into the hotel. They offered a free appetizer at a seafood restaurant we wanted to try out, so all was well.

We had an half hour wait and then they escorted us to our table… next to the ocean, on the deck. Maybe a nice place in a sunny day but this was cold! But dinner was very good, and we didn’t sit around very long.

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Visit to Mexico (sort of)

February 12, 2013 Leave a comment

For the last several years, we have been having our dental work done in Progresso, Mexico.  This town is right across the border, and is very popular with “winter Texans”.  The dentist we use is US trained and certified, the staff speaks English, and bottled water is used.  And, since the costs are very low — about 1/5th of USA costs —  they are very popular.

We went today to accompany our friends Les and Ida.  Les was having some pretty major work done, so we offered some support and company.  We went further into Mexico than normal, and shopped at some of the tourist traps.  Here are some pictures.

mex 1

Romola at the entrance to the city Nuevo Progresso

mex 2

Lots of chance for tourists to spend some money

mex 3

You can improve your image at many storefront surgery places

mex 4

Pedicure, anyone?

mex 5

Or maybe a drink to build dental courage?

mex 6

Lots of jewelry to choose from

mex 7

Colorful pinatas

mex 8

Plenty of liquor, too

mex 9

Whatever pottery you may want