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Back to San Diego

February 5, 2023 Leave a comment

From Loreto the route took us south, past La Paz and around Cabo in the sea of Cortez. There was a lot of whale activity, nice to see from our ship but a little hard to catch on a cell phone.

We could see the port of Cabo San Lucas, and saw three cruise ships anchored there. Glad we stopped on the way down. From there it was a straight shot to San Diego with smooth seas and mild weather.

We met Brad and Roxanne the first day, and struck it off well. So for the whole week we shared food and laughs. They made the cruise even more enjoyable for us. We traded emails and hope to catch up with them again.

We had the best waitress on the ship serving our dinners. Olga kept us entertained and well fed during the cruise. She never hesitated to recommend the best dishes, we had some of the best on board dinners of all our cruises. In fact, we booked another Princess cruise in March.

Cataract surgery

March 14, 2022 Leave a comment

Like so many people getting older, my eyesight is getting worse. Not noticeably so, as over the long haul you get used to it. Everything appears normal. Then you notice that your vision isn’t what it used to be so of you go to the ophthalmologist.

It didn’t take long to figure that my cataracts need to be removed and replaced with a new lens. So, I scheduled the surgery, one eye at a time. Now, both eyes have been done and I am in the healing process.

Despite some healing issues (that takes time, too) it is immediately obvious that there is a significant improvement. Most noticeable was color, much brighter. I hadn’t realized how my eyes used to apply a brown tint to everything. And, my focus is better. I can now actually read most everything without glasses, although a cheap set of readers does help.

The picture below (very scary!) shows my left eye (the one on the right) still dilated after a doctor visit. Both eyes have had the surgery and lenses replaced. But in general it is back to life as usual.

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