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Wahkeena and Latourell Falls

A few more spectacular falls along the Columbia Gorge!  Both Falls have great tourist appeals on the bottom, next to the historic Columbia River Road.  They are easy to drive to and easy to see.  But both Falls have another personality…  take the time to hike up several miles, mostly along the river, and you will see spectacular mountain and river views, with many more falls along the way.

Yes, it takes some energy, as these trails usually involve climbing, up to some 1,300 feet in a mile or two.  And yes,there are places where you really have to use some caution, as a miss-step can result in some nasty injuries, even death.  But use some care, and you will be rewarded wioth a very pleasant hike and more great scenery.

Tourist view of Wahkeena Falls

But hike along the river a ways....

And you get to the very photogenic Fairy Falls.

Tourist view of Latourell Falls

A slightly closer view

And here is Upper Latourell Falls

John, in an unusual split tree trunk

Not to be outdone, Romola found a strange tree trunk too

Looking south from Crown Point

And, looking north from Crown Point

Zooming in on Beacon Rock


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  1. September 2, 2011 at 2:52 pm

    Well worth the hike, I’d say! Nice pics.


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