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Denny Creek, WA

Sunday was our last day in Washington, and it was nice and sunny, so we thought a nice hike would be in order.  So did half of Seattle!  The Denny Creek parking lot was full and overflowing down the road.  We went anyway, and it was like walking in a city!  However, once we got past the Sliding Rocks, the trail got rough and number of people thinned out considerably.

Denny Creek trail is very scenic, with mountains all around.  And waterfalls, including one area where the rock is worn smooth and slick, and it is used for swimming and sliding down the rapids.  It is close to Snoqualmie Pass, and about 30 miles from Seattle.  This area was very busy!

Once we got past the Sliding Rocks, the trail got very rough and steep.  But we were able to get up to Horseshoe Falls, admire it, and return back to the car.

A look up Denny Creek

A very scenic area

Lots of people playing in the water

Romola taking a break

The trail gets steep and very rough

Horseshoe Falls

At the head of Horseshoe Falls



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