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The road to Pikes Peak

Since we were in Colorado Springs, we decided to take a run up Pikes Peak.  Unfortunately, weather didn’t cooperate, with more snow in the higher elevations.  But we did make it to mile 12, or, 11,450 ft. elevation.  It really is a spectacular drive.  And it is hard to imagine that there is a car race up to the top: winners do it in 10 minutes for the 17 miles, mostly on dirt!

On the lower parts of the drive, with the Peak straight ahead. Still pavement here.

At Crystal Lake, with the Peak enveloped in snow in the background

At the Lodge at 11,450 ft, as high as we could go

We're not alone, we had a visit from what I think is a red fox

On the dirt, on the way back down. Spectacular!

Back to civilization. Cascade, CO down below.

Too bad we couldn’t make it all the way to the top.  Maybe at some future visit to this area.

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