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Asheville, NC

February 25, 2017 1 comment

We lived near Asheville, NC for almost 5 years, and thoroughly enjoyed the place.  Scenery is great, and the people are super friendly.  So when we had the chance to stop by we had to visit some of our old haunts.

We skipped the Biltmore Mansion, we have been there before and didn’t want to spend $50 each just to visit.  But the Grove Park Inn  is another great building, a historic hotel that has seen visits from US presidents and personalities.  Built in 1912, the hotel was built of rough granite stones and the expansive lobby is noted for its enormous granite fireplaces and porch with its scenic overlook. It was advertised as having “walls five feet thick of granite boulders”. Four-hundred men worked 10-hour shifts six days a week just for the rock work.

Asheville is also known as a haven for foodies.  With a population around 100,000, it boasts 17 farmers markets.  We found a new to us place called the White Duck Taco Company and had some simply superb tacos.  One with jerk chicken, one Bulgogi with kim chi, and one crispy pork belly with pickled watermelon really hit the spot!

We then followed the Blue Ridge Parkway to the Arboretum, but we were unfortunately a few weeks early.  Wait a few weeks, and I’m sure the park would be a riot of color.