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Leavenworth, WA

Our travel today took us from Spokane on I-90 (boring) via WA 281 to Wenatchee. We’ve never taken this route before, and it was a very pleasant drive. Right alongside the mighty Columbia River, now crossed with dams and bridges.

It was obvious what the agricultural products are: hops, grapes and apples. Home to beer, wine and apple pies. The trip through Wenatchee was interesting as well. Actually, a nicely laid out city with trails, water sports and parks.

When we got to Leavenworth we had to do some fancy maneuvering through small, curvy roads until we got to our RV park. Our site is right overlooking the Icicle river, with a significant drop off in front. The river is so named because it is snow melt and the coldest water in this area. But you can still find rafters and kayakers in the water.

We went into town to appreciate the Bavarian atmosphere. We had a nice dinner at King Ludwig’s, where we enjoyed German schnitzels. Tasty, especially the red cabbage.

We ended our visit by stopping off at the local cheese house where we were able to find both Leiden and Aged Gouda cheese. Bought enough to last us quite a while.