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Vancouver, BC

First, thanks to Jack and Cindy, they have been great hosts. First at their “cottage” on the Sunshine Coast, then at their home. They made our family visit fun. And not to forget Jude, their wonder dog..

And talk about food… first at the Cactus Cafe with their superb lettuce wraps, then Joey’s Shipyard for steaks and an amazing view of Seattle.

On a sad note, we had been planning this visit for several years. My sister in law Wilma has been ill for some time and we really wanted to visit. We made to the Canadian border in 2020 and 2021, but we’re unable to cross the border due to COVID. And cancer took her away last February so we never had a chance to visit with her. But we were please to see the rest of our family this trip.

Now we’re in the airport, sad to leave but glad to be going home. Until our next adventure….

Sunshine Coast

So now we’ve visited our family in Holland, my brother and sister in Victoria, so now on to my brother Chris’ boys in Vancouver.

Our Vancouver family owns a beautiful home about 50 miles north of Vancouver, on the water, with dock and boats. Recently Jack purchased a nearby island, called Tranquity Isle, which also came with a custom house. The area is called Sunshine Coast because they have more sun than the lower mainland. We spent a few days there with them on our family trip.

This is the season for catching spot prawns. It’s only some 30 days long, so timing worked beautifully. So we went to the docks to get some for dinner. Yum!

Jack took us out for a boat ride to the island and a visit to the area. It’s really beautiful here. Also, Jack and Cindy are excellent hosts. Plus getting together with my Canadian family made for an excellent visit. Thanks everyone!

Me with my nephews Glen, Jack and Ken

Vancouver, with Scottish friends

September 4, 2016 Leave a comment

Two years ago,  we met Robert and Margaret Hunter on a cruise.   They were from Scotland,  and invited us to visit with them in Edinburgh when we got to Scotland.   We did,  and they were excellent hosts. 

As it turns out,  they were going on an Alaska cruise departing from Vancouver about the same time we would be there.  So we were pleased to be able to slow them around my former home city. 

We visited Richmond Night Market, Stanley Park,  Burnaby, and took the gondola up Grouse Mountain.  It was a lot of fun,  and the city rewarded us with nice weather.   Vancouver is right up there as one of our favorite places to be..

Arriving at the Richmond Night Market

You can buy clothes here……

…. and lots of street food.

Robert and Margaret, a little overwhelmed

Totem poles in Stanley Park

Lions Gate Bridge

At the logging show

Harris hawk

Glad this guy was behind a fence!

Looking down towards Vancouver

Sunset as seen from the top of Grouse Mountain

Another view of the city at dusk


Walk with me in Vancouver, BC

May 13, 2016 4 comments

I’m in Vancouver to attend the memorial service for my oldest nephew,  Alan.   He passed unexpectedly and will be missed by family and friends.  Not the reason for a visit you would hope for.

But since I’m an early riser (and still some jet lag from my recent return from Barcelona), and the weather was beautiful,  I took a nice early morning walk.  Stanley Park is just a few blocks from my hotel, so the obvious place to walk.   Vancouver had to be one of the most beautiful cities ever.


Looking towards the bay, Stanley Park on the right


Lots of flowers in the park


And lots of colors


My sister in laws apartment


A heron patiently waiting for breakfast


Vancouver yacht club


A skyline view



Denman strèet. Just about any ethnic food you may want.

Cruising the Pacific

October 7, 2014 1 comment

The first 9 days on our cruise from Vancouver to Japan were at sea. The first port of call was Petropavlosk, Russia so this was our first trans-Pacific cruise. We had quite a party as we crossed the dateline! It was strange, going from Wednesday 10:00PM to Thursday 10:01PM at one time. We skipped Thursday entirely. Oh well, we’ll have to make that up on the way back.

In general, the water was smooth. Except one day, when we were in the fringes of a typhoon, which whipped the waves up to 30 feet high. Some people were sea sick, but we had no problems. Didn’t miss a meal.

One thing we like about trans ocean cruises is the activities. We had interesting lectures during the day, lots of music throughout the ship, shopping, and great entertainment at night. Certainly no time to get bored.

Looking back into the sun as we depart Vancouver harbor.

Looking back into the sun as we depart Vancouver harbor.

Our first sunset on the Pacific.

Our first sunset on the Pacific.

Romola getting caught up in the shopping frenzy.  She doesn't spend much, though.

Romola getting caught up in the shopping frenzy. She doesn’t spend much, though.

One of the featured entertainers.

One of the featured entertainers.

The ships own dance crew put on quite a show

The ships own dance crew put on quite a show

Ida, enjoying one of our faborite places... the bar.

Ida, enjoying one of our faborite places… the bar.

Big party as we crossed the international date line.

Big party as we crossed the international date line.

Doesn't look bad in pictures, you should have been there....

Doesn’t look bad in pictures, you should have been there….

One of the volcanoes at Petropavlosk.

One of the volcanoes at Petropavlosk.

Vancouver, BC

August 25, 2011 1 comment

Tanya and Shane booked an Alaska cruise out of Vancouver, with a few days beforehand to meet with family.  So we stayed in the area so we could join them.  We had a great time meeting family and sightseeing!  Vancouver is one of my favorite cities, of course, I’m prejudiced since I grew up there….

Thanks to Jack and Cindy for putting us up for a few nights, and Al, Cheryl, Wilma and all the others for their help for  a very tasty family dinner!  We had a terrific time, especially meeting all 28 relatives!

Since I didn’t bring my computer, this blog covers 5 days and has been severly limited.  Yet it is still long, some 30 pictures.  Hope you like t TVhem!

Cindy and Jack Laninga, our gracious hosts
A view over Lake Harrison at Harrison Hot Sprimgs
Tanya and Shane, at the Boardwalk restaurant on English Bay
Tanya and Shane at the Olympic torch
Vancouver does have a very eclectic population….
Tanya on the big screen
A Chinese musical, right outside our restaurant
A dolphin at Vancouver Aquarium
Jellyfish exhibit
Tanya in the viewing bubble
Not to be outdone, Shane takes a peek….
Entrance to the Vancouver Aquarium
At Chrislan, on the production line
      Richard and Linda. Hard to realize I’ve known Linda over 60 years                        (and she’s only 39!)
A swan, posing on Lost Lagoon
A view of the Lost Lagoon fountain, Vancouver skyline
Gardens at Stanley Park
A view of the Vancouver skyline from Stanley Park
A view of Vancouver from Grouse Mountain
Shane was kind of cold up at altitude…
Another view of Vancouver from Grouse Mountain
And a view back toward the mountain range
Along the beach, an Innukshuk statue
Excellent fresh produce at Granville Market (Vancouver)
Not too shabby at the meat counter either!
A little something for desert
Historical vs. modern totem poles
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