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“Lordy Lordy, Stacy’s 40!”

Stacy hit the 40th birthday mark, and Dallas (and friends) threw a most excellent birthday crawfish boil.  We all had a great time, well, maybe the crawfish didn’t :)…..

We are so glad to be able to stop by and join in on the celebration.  The company was great, the food was excellent (and the corn a bit spicy!) and more than we could eat.  Thanks Dallas for doing this for Stacy.  Ans Stacy have an excellent new year!

Stacy and Dallas’ wedding

June 26, 2016 3 comments

Our daughter Stacy has been in a relationship with her girlfriend and partner Dallas Ruggieri for almost a decade.  They made the decision to confirm their love for each other with a wedding ceremony.  And, in keeping with their interests, the theme was to be “Day of the Dead”.  Or, as some would say it, a Zombie wedding.

So, we all dressed up accordingly and appeared during one of Dallas’ (the city) hottest days.  Fortunately air  conditioning had been invented and the whole event went off without a hitch (except theirs, of course – pun intended).  Family and friends showed up and demonstrated how popular Stacy and Dallas are – the outfits were spectacular!

With a lot of help from their friends Stacy and Dallas did a superb decoration setup in and around their house.  The whole event was spectacular, and moving.

May I present Stacy and Dallas Riley.  (Click on the small image for a larger view.  It’s worth it!)

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