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Twin Falls, Idaho

October 4, 2012 Leave a comment

We over nighted in Twin Falls, and with some time on our hands we visited the famous Gorge.  We couldn’t miss it, we had to drive over the Perrine bridge over the Snake River to get to our RV park!  To us, it was quite unexpected to find since a scenic place in the middle of flat farmland.

To put things in perspective, perhaps one of the most famous draws here was Evil Knievel attempting to jump the Snake River, just downriver a ways.

One of the views of the bridge

A little different view of the bridge

The view looking north. Beautiful golf course down there!

And looking south, where Evil Knievel made his famous jump attempt

One of the many waterfalls along the rim

Arrival at Ft. Vancouver

June 26, 2012 1 comment

We completed the 1,000 mile drive from Dinosaur NM to Vancouver, WA in 3 days.  The drive was relatively uneventful, except for some serious wind gusts through the Columbia Gorge.  The scenery went from flat prairie fields to mountain terrain.  We paralleled the Oregon Trail, the Lewis and Clark trail, and finally the Columbia river.

Now we can stay put for 3 months while we do our volunteer duties at Fort Vancouver.  Below are a few pictures of the trip.

A lake along Highway 84, just north of Park City, UT

Flat prairie land as we enter Idaho

No vegetation to speak of as the road heads up

The Snake River on the horizon

Another view of the Snake River (Idaho)

Mountains on the horizon

The terrain changes as we head into Oregon

Finally, the scenery makes driving more interesting

But flat roads are not totally behind us!

Now this was a funky RV place, nothing but trucks and RV’s!

Along the Columbia River. Note the white caps, and the wind mills… tough driving!

The drive in the Columbia Gorge is quite spectacular

Arrival… Fort Vancouver!