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San Jose Mission, Texas

October 26, 2010 Leave a comment

The misions in Texas were actually villages that were enclosed by a wall for protection.  The main feature was a church, hence the name “mission”.   The most famous was the Alamo, of historical fame.  But there were five others along the San Antonio river, all with a unique history.  The largest of these is the San Jose mission, about 5 miles south of the Alamo.

As part of the Recovery Act of 1933, much of these sites were rebuilt and restored.  They are now part of the rich history of Texas in particular, and the USA in general.  The various sites are now part of the National Park Service, which provides historical tours.  We enjoyed our visit to the San Jose mission.


A view of the wall and watch tower



Inside the wall, looking towards the church



A view of the church. Notice the Moorish influence in the dome...



One of the arched walkways and gathering areas



An elaborate door archway



Inside the hall used for grain and food storage



An archway showing definitive European influence



Decoration showing Mexican/Indian heritage


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