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California Railroad Museum

April 24, 2011 Leave a comment

In the 1830’s, four Sacramento businessmen funded the building of a railroad to the gold mining districts.  This was so successful, and profitable, that soon they were building railroads all over the west coast, and eventually linking them to form a transcontinental rail system.  This fundamentally changed the way this country grew.

Not only did the rail lines allow for easy travel to the west coast, it opened up the east coast markets for California produce.  It was a fundamental reason why the west had the highest population growth rate ever recorded.

The story behind this venture was more fascinating than fiction.  Climbing over mountains, descending through valleys, and in extreme cold and heat made for difficult going.  It was considered the most difficult engineering feat of its time.  To commemorate this, the California Railroad Museum was built where it all started, in Sacramento.

You can easily spend a day here, it is a wonderful exhibit.  We recommend it to anyone visiting this area, even if you’re not a train buff.

The very first steam engine. This is number 1, the original.

Engine number 1 was built on the east coast, then had to be broken into small pieces that would fit in a boat hold.  It was then shipped around South America, and 7 months later was re-assembled in Sacramento.  It worked for quite a few years until newer, larger engines were built that could be transported by the new rail lines.

Another early locomotive

Very well restored

Some of the work resembles art

The largest locomotive ever built, with 6,500 HP power

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Old Sacramento

April 22, 2011 Leave a comment

Since we’re parked near Sacramento, we decided it would be great to visit the Old Town.  And, it was.  It has been restored and is now a highly visited tourist destination.  We actually found a restaurant that served Indonesian food!

We toured a museum and learned more about the history of the area.  FYI, this is where the gold rush started in 1840’s.  This changed the way of the west forever.

This was also the western terminus for the Pony Express, which originated here.  The other end was in St. Joseph, MO near St. Louis.  Over 120 riders covered 650,000 miles and only one rider and mail bag was lost to the Indians.

The Pony Express was short lived, as the railroad arrived and took over.  Sacramento was a major station in the development of the West.

The original Linotype machine used to print the Sacramento Bee

Early agricultural equipment

Boardwalk in Old Sacramento

More restored buildings in Old Sacramento

Statue commemorating the Pony Express

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