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Back to cruising

March 29, 2022 Leave a comment

COVID caused us to cancel two booked cruises, but it seemed safe to finally start cruising again. So we booked a simple cruise out of Galveston, along with our friends Naomi and Larry Shirey. Easy drive down, five day’s on board, and an easy drive home.

The ship was the Royal Caribbean Adventure of the Seas, a class of ships we were quite familiar with. The crew appeared very pleased to be back, and we were treated very well. The food was good, although we felt it was a little below what we were used to. But Romola and I each managed to gain 5 lbs, so it wasn’t all bad!

The entertainment was pretty basic, a mediocre comedian, a funny bolero gaucho, and the ship dancers and orchestra. This ship class has an ice rink on board, we rather enjoyed the ice show. We’ve seen them doing their routines in rough seas, and that is quite amazing.

We didn’t get off the ship, electing to go to the hot tub when everyone else was on shore. Good idea, we enjoyed the hot tub when we had it mostly all to ourselves. On sea days, the hot tubs looked like people stew. Wouldn’t want to go in them no matter how much chlorine they added to the water!

On the boat

May 4, 2013 1 comment

These floating palaces are a great way to kick back for a few weeks.  Great food, excellent service, good entertainment, and meeting new people.  Just a great way to jut cool it.  Here are some more pictures of the cruise.


Stairway from the atrium to the casino, one deck down.


A parade to get us in the party mood.


Les and Ida


The dining room is three floor tall.


One of the specialty restaurants


Inside the atrium


Royal Caribbean”s trademark Viking Lounge – 14 stories up


Early morning on the jogging deck


Some artwork by the elevators


This is where the ship is run from


Our worst weather day. Note lack of people….


A 24 hour coffee shop, just to make sure you never go hungry


Ice dancing — on a ship!


Part of the ice show


John and Romola


Inside the atrium


Les tries skating… good work!


Early morning scene


Yes, I’m an early riser

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Cruise pictures

January 15, 2013 3 comments

Completed a early January cruise to the Caribbean (Cozumel, Grand Cayman, and Jamaica).  Didn’t bother to take my big camera, just my new Panasonic LX-7.  Easy to carry, easy to hold, and with a fast (f1.4) lens suitable for use in doors.  I am pleased with the camera and the images I got.  Below are some that I particularly liked.

cruise 1

Coffee bar on the Promenade deck

cruise 2

Colorful designs on the pool deck

cruise 3

Early morning on the pool deck.

cruise 7

Water lilly (Jamaica)

cruise 8

Orchid (Jamaica)

cruise 10

One of the many restaurants