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Clothing optional

September 5, 2011 1 comment

Just a few miles from our campsite on the Columbia River there is a lovely stretch of woods, and a sandy beach.  And a very nice state park, called Rooster Rock State Park.  There are many marked hiking trails there, so we did some of them.  However, we were warned that this whole beach — and it’s almost 2 miles long — is clothing optional.  But hey, I’m European, and Romola is a nurse, so what did that matter?

Actually, we started early to beat the rush.  It really is a nice hike, through the woods, along the river.  And there were tons of blackberries!  We ate our fill, for sure.  At one time, we were picking when some guy came strolling by, totally necked except for a backpack.  We exchanged “good mornings” and went our merry way.

We also saw one guy who lived dangerously, picking berries while he was nude from the waist down.  Those blackberry bushes do have some wicked thorns on them!

On our way out we saw the place filling up rapidly.  Hey, it’s in the 90’s today in Portland, get the rays while you can, and as many as you can!  If nudity doesn’t offend you, it’s a really nice park.

The Columbian river is way down this time of year

The trail along the waterfront

Some of the beach front

Lots and lots of blackberries

And a dangerous way to pick them


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