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A trip to Padre Island

February 14, 2012 1 comment

We had our first day of sun in a week, so this seemed like a good time to visit Padre Island.  It’s kind of quiet, before Spring Break, and that suits us just fine.

A view down the beach

A beached jellyfish, still colorful

Shorebirds, looking for a meal

Need a beach towel? Bathing suit? No problem!

Shrimp Haus: all you can eat shrimp and $3 margaritas!

A tourist boat, no real pirates here


The lighthouse at Port Isabel

A pelican and a cormorant, resting

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Kite flying on Padre Island

February 6, 2011 1 comment

I would guess all of us flew a kite at one time or another.  Never realized how much this activity has evolved!  We went to a big kite flying weekend, held on South Padre Island.  Big beaches, good weather, and consistant winds.  The kites on display, and the synchronized flying, was quite a spectacle.

An overview of some of the kites on display

This kite is about 150 feet long

A rather whimsical kite

Referee and soccer ball

Another major kite, maybe 100 feet long

It takes this many kite "pilots" ....

... to make these types of synchronous demonstrations

I should have taken some videos, as the coordinated flying, set to music, was quite spectacular.

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