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Last black powder demonstration

September 9, 2012 1 comment

This summer, I participated in various on site activities at Fort Vancouver.   One of this was to dress up like an Indian War soldier (ca. 1870) and fire rifles and canons.  The Dress Department gave me a full, authentic uniform (heavy wool!) and I grew a beard to match.

Although I have posted some pictures about this before, we just had our last demo and one of the visitors took and gave us some really cool pictures.  These are shown below.  Thanks, Susan!

Our small but representative group – drummer, 4570 rifle, 1861 Springfield (me), late 1700’s muzzleloader, and canon crew.

Waiting our turn to act

Firing of the muzzle loader

And, firing the Mountain Howitzer

A look at the Howitzer

And now, for a REALLY close look at the Howitzer!

Looks like I mean business…..