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Hello, Minnesota

We were supposed to go from Montana to the UP (Upper Michigan) for a 3 week stay, and to catch up with friends.  Unfortunately, we discovered that our motor home has a serious alignment problem.  The rear dual tires (drivers side) are almost worn to the warn bars.  That is 16,000 miles on a 75,000 mile tire and it’s worn out…

We found a place near Minneapolis that specializes in frame alignment of large vehicles.  So, we are heading there to have the alignment done, replace the two front tires, and balance all wheels.  Hopefully that will be the last issue we have with our home on wheels.  Since we allowed lots of time to go from MN to MI our schedule won’t be impacted, but our wallet will be…..

So, we left the mountains of Montana for the hills of North Dakota and the lakes of Minnesota.  Sure is a different terrain….

Not much to see in N Dakota, except hills and grass lands....

Batesville, MN

We found a pleasant place to spend our first night in Minnesota.  It is a city park in Batesville, MN, about 200 miles north of Minneapolis.  We haven’t seen this much grass since we left Texas, som 4 months ago.  Warm days, cool nights, beat the heck out of hot days and hot nights in Texas….

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