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To the (Mexican) dentist

January 28, 2012 2 comments

While much of the USA/Mexican border is a dangerous place, the crossing at Nuevo Progresso is still safe and secure.  It caters to us old folks with medical issues.  Cross the border, you’ll find dentists, doctors, pharmacies, and of course liquor stores.  Hawkers on the street try to lure you in for a quick cleaning or whatever.

This is our third year to head down there for our cleaning and checkup.  There is a dentist, right on the border, that is US trained and has all the latest equipment.  The office help speaks English, and the facilities are clean.  Water is purified.

So we had our teeth cleaned and checked.  In my case, cleaning, full set of X-Rays, and a dentist checkup cost $90.  Hey, it’s one way to make that small SS pension work!

On the bridge into Mexico

There are still many poor people in Mexico, looking for a handout

Looking down the main street of Nuevo Progresso

Our dentist office. Yes, you cn get Margaritas in the courtyard and sit under the gazebo to calm those pains

The view from my dentist chair. We're RIGHT on the border, that is the Mexican border crossing you see