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Eagle Creek to Punchbowl Falls

This hike is considered one of the most scenic in the NorthWest.  Starting about 40 miles from Portland,  it follows Eagle Creek along many falls and scenic lookouts.  If you keep going, you will end up in Mexico, as it ties into the Pacific Crest Trail.  We hiked the first 5 miles today and had a great hike.

There is so much to see and to do in the NorthWest!  We look forward to many other similar hikes while we are in the Portland area.

Start of the trail, alongside Eagle Creek

Some of the trail is scenic, but easy, walking....

... and some require waterproof boots ....

... and some require a careful step.

Metlako Falls, on the way to the Punchbowl

Finally, a top down view of Punchbowl Falls

A dramatic view from the bottom of the Falls

Spring flowers, like this Shooting Star, are coming out in the spring

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