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Maryhill, WA

October 2, 2012 Leave a comment

Yesterday we stopped in Maryhill, WA to visit the museum, war memorial, and winery.  This area was home for Sam Hill, the late 18th century magnate who was so instrumental in building roads in the northwest.

The War Memorial was patterned after Stonehenge in England, and bears the names of local Clickikat residents that were killed in WW 1.  Later, an addition was made for WW2, Vietnam, Iraq and now Afghanistan.

The Museum was built as his house, but he never moved in, donating it for use as an art museum.  It was christened by Queen Maria of Romania, who was a close friend.  She donated many items to the museum.  Some featured exhibits we saw:

The Winery has earned some top awards, has a great location, and a eclectic tasting menu.  The winery is also well know for hosting some famous bands (next week it’s Earth, Wind and Fire, an ’80’s rock band)

  • a number of sculptures by Auguste Rodin;
  • Native American artifacts,
  • stage sets and mannequins from 1946 Theater de la Mode,
  • over a hundred unusual chess sets,
  • Orthodox icons and painings donated by Queen Marie,
  • a permanent exhibit on the dancer Loie Fuller,
  • a permanent exhibit on Hill’s life and projects,
  • an outdoor exhibit of a variety of statues.

There were many pictures to take, below is a representation.

Stopped at Maryhill, WA

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