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Mackinaw Island

August 6, 2010 1 comment

In 1901, a law was passed on Mackinaw Island forbidding motorized vehicles.  That law still exists, so no cars on Mac Isle… only horse drawn carriages.  So a visit tothe Island means lots of walking, cycling, or horse carriages.  But it is a very interesting pace, with a lot of history.

Originally, it was a US fort, with a commanding view over the north end of Lake Michigan.  In 1812, during the British war, it was a British stronghold.  When the war was over, the US got it back, and the fort was abandoned.  The railroad built a very fancy hotel (Grand Hotel), and the migration as an exclusive vacation resort was on.  But now, it is accesible only by boat (or private plane) and is a popular tourist destination.

A view of the bridge from the boat

Residential street scene

Downtown street scene, with horse drawn carriage

A downtown hotel

View of the Grand hotel

Grand Hotel gardens. Note the horse and carriage shaped shrubs, lower left.

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Across the Mackinaw bridge

August 5, 2010 Leave a comment

The Mackinaw Bridge is 5 miles long and 520 feet high, and connects the Michigan Upper Peninsula (UP) with the rest of Michigan.  It is subject to strong winds, and as such strikes fear in the hearts of big rig drivers.  Fortunately, we had almost no wind, and only traffic to contend with.

Through the windshield, approaching the mid span

So now we are back in Michigan, and next week will have our Travelling Supremes rally.  Between now and then, some sightseeing, and fancy food, I’m sure….

Bridge picture taken in 2007 from the south end

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