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Capulin Volcano, NM

Every year, when we move from/to Colorado, we drive by Capulin Volcano, and every year we say “We should visit that thing!”.  Well, this year we did, and we’re glad we did.

Capulin is a cinder cone volcano, about 10,000 years old.  In a cinder cone, most of the lava escapes through cracks at the base of the volcano, not out of the top.  However, there is a lot of gasses and molten lava spewing into the air,  giving some unique features to the surrounding area.

The drive up is not for those with fear of heights, as there is no railing and a very deep drop off.  Once at the top, there is a mile long trail along the top.  A bit difficult as it is very steep but worth the effort.  Views are amazing!