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Johnson Space Center, Houston

December 13, 2011 Leave a comment

The Johnson Space Center was the hub for all flight operations for the US space program, including astronaut training.  This is where history was made.  The JSC has a comprehensive visitor center, detailing the history of the US space program.

One of the most impressive things we learned is the massive efforts it takes to do space flights.  Even with todays technologies, it takes huge manpower and $$$$ to conduct a space program.  We enjoyed our visit and recommend it to others.  Below are some highlight images.

Some older space vehicles

Many astronauts walked over this platform to enter the module

The mighty engines of the Saturn rocket

A walk in space

A walk on the moon

Moon car

Inside the space station

First handhake between the Russian and American astronauts

A part of the mockup room, where current and future space vehicles are planned and configured

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