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Fall colors in the Pinal Mountains

October 24, 2011 2 comments

Took a drive into the Pinal Mountains to see the fall colors.  Maybe not the NorthEast, there still was lots of color from maple, walnut and aspen trees.

The drive up is a bit of a chore, as it is about 12 miles of gravel road, some of it quite rough.  But the car did fine and we first made it to Ice House Canyon trail for a short hike.  In the 1800’s ice was drug all the way from here to the restaurants in Globe, some 12 miles away, hence the name.  After that we viewed Signal Peak and Ferndell before we headed back down the mountain.

Also managed to get a nice picture of an Albert or Tufted Ear squirrel, with a mouth full of nuts.  These squirrels live in a narrow range in the Pinals, and only in Pondera pines.

Quite a view on the way up

Lots of towering Century plants in this area

The top of a century plant

Some colors on Ice House trail

No, the camera is not tilting, it is a steep trail

Color along the way to Signal Peak

An Albert Squirrel in the tree