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On the Rio Grande River

January 18, 2012 Leave a comment

The RV Park we are staying at is right on the Rio Grande river, border between USA and Mexico.  They have a boat tour of the river which is quite interesting.  There is surprisingly much to see here, ranging from birds to historical buildings.  Here are some highlights:

There is a huge house, which used to be owned by the drug cartel.  I guess this fancy building gave pretty direct access to the USA for those so inclined.  This is now taken over by the Mexican Government, which now patrols this area heavily.

River view of the Cartel house.

Some heavy Mexican guard duty

And this is our side of the border, keeping a watchful eye

This very fancy building is the home of the Mexican water ski team.  This is where they train for international competitions.

Three years ago, a major hurricane caused serious flooding along the Rio Grande.  Evidence of the damage is still very obvious.

Clear evidence of how high the water got

This fancy resort was started but never finished after the flood

This used to be the very Pepe's restaurant and night club

And finally, some of the birds we saw