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Hood River Mountain Hike

Did our first hike of the year, and had a great time.  This area of the country has some beautiful (and challenging!) hikes!  We found this hike on the Portland Hikers website, and it looks like there will be many more to come.

Our hike today was wonderful.  The climb up was a bit of a stress, our flat land legs just aren’t used to it — yet.  But we look forward to many more hikes to come.

The first mile is uphill, through the trees

Looking north - that's Mt. Adams with Mt. Rainier (left) peeking over the hills.

And here's Mt. Hood, viewed from Hood River Mountain summit

I call this image "Black and White, in color"

Flowers are just starting to appear

Multnomah Falls

Fruit orchards are all over the place in this area

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