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Heritage Days

Every year, Columbia Falls, MT celebrates Heritage Days, featuring a series of activities to celebrate its founding.  We were fortunate to be here and catch some of the highlights.

First, we had breakfast at the Fire Dept fund raiser.  Pancakes, sausage, scrambled eggs, orange juice and coffe for $4 was definitely worth it.

Columbia Falls FD hosts the Pancake Breakfast

Then, on to the parade.  Lots of old timer stuff, but this was the first parade we can remember that did not have a band.  Still, it was fun.

Got a chance to mix with the locals....

Some old time cars

This may be an antique, but I remember having just like this 50 years ago....

No country parade would be compete without tractors...

Some girls on horseback in old time dress

A local Princess in appropriate dress and transportation mode

Later that afternoon,there was a wild horse drive on the highway right in front of our RV site.

Lookout, here comes the wild horse drive....

Off they go, along with a herder dog

All in all, a fun day and alternative to hiking in the mountains.  Last hike in Glacier tomorrow…