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Fort Steele, BC

September 15, 2016 Leave a comment

Fort Steele was founded in 1864 to support the gold rush of that area.   In fact,  more gold was mined here than in California.  After the gold rush, the city continued to grow.   However,  the railroad decided to build a new station to what is now Cranbrook,  and Fort Steele became a ghost town. 

The town was named after famed NWMP Superintendent Sam Steele, legendary lawman who settled a major dispute between town folks and the First Nation people.

In the late 1970’s there was a move to restore the town as a historical center,  and it is now open for reviewing life in the 1890’s.  It is now one of the premier tourist attractions in BC, attracting millions of visitors. 

Below is a collage of some of the images we took on our visit.

Alaska gold rush

August 6, 2016 Leave a comment

In the late 1890’s, gold fever hit Alaska.   Hundreds of thousands of people showed up to look for their fortune.  Most didn’t make it,  many died.   Or were subject to robbery and/or murder.

We toured where the the gold rush started in Dawson City, as well as the enormously difficult passes in Skagway and the Chilkoot Pass.  Plus we had a chance to pan for gold in Gold Dredge Number 8 in Fairbanks.  These dredges transformed the landscape as they dug up the tundra looking for the elusive gold. 

Today’s gold…. the Alaska pipeline

An old pit mine

Dredge line number 8

Romola panning for gold

Another view of the dredge line

Dawson city, where the gold rush originated

How to keep the miners happy

Some of the original structures still stand, sorry of

Permafrost was not conducive as a foundation