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Goodbye, Glacier!

The time has come to leave Glacier NP and head for Michigan.  We will miss the park, and undoubtedly will come back here another time.  There is so much more to see!  Here are some final pictures of our last hike to Fish Lake:

The first part of the trail is shared with horses. Watch your step!

Ahhh, that's more like a hiking trail!

One of the many creeks we had to cross.

Mostly uphill, the trail offered som very nice views over the valley

Finally, Fish Lake

Met these two campers who rode their Appaloosas in and out

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Glacier: Avalanche Lake

A very popular hike is the Avalanche Trail to Avalanche Lake.  It is a nice hike, ending with a stunning vista at the Lake.  Along the way, you are rewarded with waterfalls, forests, and some wild animals.  Fortunately, we missed the black bear that had visited this trail a short while before we got there.

This was a ranger led hike, with the ranger giving us very interesting information about the geology, the history, and the flora and fauna of the area.

Avalanche Gorge, near the start of the hike

The water carves a unique pattern in the rocks

A view along the trail

This knot hole caught my attention

Cow parsnips, a favorite food of the local bears

Oops, glad we missed the bear that dropped this!


And finally, Avalanche Lake.

No matter how you take this picture, no matter what camera you use, there is no way to capture the beauty without seeing it in person.  Glacier: we recommend this area in general, and this hike in particular, to everyone.

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Glacier: Highline Trail

July 21, 2010 1 comment

OK, we’ve been hiking for quite a few years but never on a trail like this!  Absolutely stunning scenery, and some major drop-offs!  Don’t even think of hiking this trail if you have a fear of heights.  This trail is on the Continental Divide, and starts at 6,500 feet altitude.  The hike itself isn’t too difficult, but as noted, don’t look down too much.  Then, you will be rewarded with magnificent scenery, as well as some local wildlife up close.

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Glacier: John Lake

Went for a short hike that started with a walk to John Lake, then along McDonald Creek, by McDonald Falls, and finally on a short boat trip in Lake McDonald.  This is fabulous country, every way you look it is a scenic wonder.  But do keep an eye out for the “locals”….

A warning for the hike.... make noise!

Just how does a tree grow like this? Our title: "kis your ### goodbye!"

Somewhat anti-climatic, but here's a view of John Lake

McDonald Falls

My favorite shot

America the beautiful!

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Glacier – “Going to the Sun” road

One of the highlights of Glacier NP is the Going to the Sun road.  About 60 miles long, it is ultrascenic, high up, and a “must visit”.  But don’t drive it if you’re afraid of heights, the roads are narrow with huge dropoffs.  We drove it halfway to Logan Pass, then returned.  A wonderful day’s drive, even with the somewhat lengthy construction delays.

(Click on a grid picture to see a larger image.  Click on the smaller pictures below to navigate backwards and forwards, or click on the large picture for a larger image)

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