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Holland, day 3

April 24, 2022 Leave a comment

This was mostly a family day. Jaap, Els and us started by going to a “rommelmart”, Dutch for flea market. This was in a small town named Benschop, their mart is famous for having household items. Not much for us, but Els found some things for her son.

We then had lunch at a very nice restaurant located on the river Lek. I had one of my favorite sandwiches as a kid in Holland called “uitsmijter”, this was my first one in about 60 years!

Later that afternoon we went to Hans’s new house, met up with the whole family for a take out Indonesian dinner. Sure, good food again, but mostly just good family time.

Flea markets in the RGV

January 13, 2012 2 comments

Flea markets are popular in the Rio Grande Valley, and the Don-Wes Flea Market is one of the biggest.  I’m pretty sure you can find anything you could possibly want here, as long as it is cheap!  There are temporary stalls and permanent ones, indoors and outdoors, hard goods and soft goods.  You can get your hair cut, or a massage, or a delicious meal.

Didn’t find anything I couldn’t live without, but it is fun to browse, check out the stalls….. and the people.

Lots of "good" stuff

Lots of people camp and work here

Romola did find some good gold chain at decent prices

More "good stuff"

Nothing but high class stuff!



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