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Bonneville Dam

September 18, 2012 2 comments

In the 1930’s, the Bonneville Dam was built as a WPA project.  In the ’80’s, a second addition was added for more power.  Now, it supplies enough electricity for 900,000 homes.  We took a tour today, but the smoke from nearby forest fires made outdoor photography pretty well impossible.  So here are some of the images of our visit to the power station and hatchery.

Inside the Power Plant in the new section.

A view from lower down. The river water level is just about at the crane tracks you see running along the sides.


One of the huge generators

Below the floor, looking at the main rotor shaft

Looking down into the generator

Looking down at the fish ladder

Hey, there’s some fish now!

Hard work for those salmon, swimming upstream

But, somehow, they make it


At the neighboring fish hatchery, a top down look at a 8 foot long sturgeon

And, an underwater look at another huge sturgeon