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Birding in South Texas

February 3, 2013 3 comments

South Texas is in the migratory path for a wife variety of birds.  So, there are many birding areas, well known for excellent bird viewing.  Today we stopped for a few hours at Estrello Llano Grande, in Mercedes, TX.  Here are some pictures taken on our walk.  Good thing Romola was there to identify all these birds!

estrello2 1

Golden Fronted Woodpecker

estrello2 2

Great Kiskadee

estrello2 3

Green Kingfisher

estrello2 4

Little Blue Heron

estrello2 5


estrello2 6

Black Crowned Night Heron

estrello2 7

Black Crested Titmouse

estrello2 8

Great Kiskadee

estrello2 9

Three Yellow Kiskadees

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