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Lost in Discovery Park

Discovery Park in Seattle is one of the largest city owned parks in the country.  It’s Loop Trail is almost 3 miles long, with lots of side trails.  We know, we found a lot of them!  The park itself is in far west Seattle, on a peninsula jutting out into the Strait of Juan de Fuca. The scenery was great, with excellent views of both Mt. Rainier (to the South) and Baker (to the North).

We didn’t have a trail map, and after we got past the lighthouse the trail was obvious, but little used.  We finally asked a runner where the Visitor Center was, who pointed vaguely and said “way over there”.  We finally found a map and our way out, but our  1 1/2 hour walk turned into a near 3 hour hike.  But it was pleasant out, and very scenic, so we enjoyed it anyway.

Looking west, to the Olympics

Am idyllic scene, looking east to the Cascades

The lighthouse at the tip of Discovery Park

Mt. Rainier to the south

Mt. Baker to the north

A color contrast


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