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Dinosaur National Monument

When we volunteered at Dinosaur two years ago, the main Quarry and visitor center were under re-construction and closed.  It was finished last October, so we just had to see what it looked like, and altered our course to Fort Vancouver so we could.  It was nice to be back and finally see this very important exhibit.

We started out early with one of our favorite hikes.  Only 2 1/2 miles, but with very varied terrain.  And since we haven’t hiked much lately it was a good way to get back into it.  The scenery was just as nice as we remembered it.

Then we went to the new Visitor Center and up to the Quarry.  This area has one of the worlds largest deposits of dinosaur bones. The Quarry has given up dinosaur artifacts to museums and exhibits around the world.   The Quarry itself still has an amazing amount of bones visible.  These were left in site so people can see what they look like undisturbed, you can even touch some of them.  These small pictures don’t do it justice, you really ought to take a look yourself.

The Green River, rafting pullout area

The way up

A view into the valley

Saw this little guy catching some shade

Looking back to where we started

A small part of the Quarry wall

These bones are about 6 feet long

Here you can see an Allosaurus skull with part of the spine

A section of spine of a “smaller” dinosaur

A full Allosaurus skeleton on display

Driving to Dinosaur National Monument

Our drive yesterday was one of the shortest of our trip, but one of the most tiring.  Almost all of the 140 miles was on winding, narrow, bumpy 2 lane roads with no shoulders.  And with heavy truck traffic it required constant attention.   Oh well, we’re here now and we can explore the Monument.

Typical road surface conditions

Road construction didn’t help the trip

At least some sections had some decent views