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A Likely story….

September 15, 2011 Leave a comment

We discovered a terrific RV and Golf park, right in the middle of nowhere, California.  This is the midst of agriculture and ranching in NE California, the closest town is Likely, CA.  The only real civilization here is that California Highway 395 – a 2 lane North South route – runs through it.

It appears the owner, some 20 years ago, decided that RVers and others would like to have a nice place to stop over, so he built an 18 hole golf course, and added an RV park.  We don’t golf, but from the people we met it is a challenging course.  And for the non-golfer, he added geogolfing, where you find the 18 “holes” by GPS coordinates.  He also added two hiking trails, one 1.4 miles long, the other 4.8 miles. We enjoyed both the geogolfing and the hikes during our 2 day stay.

About the town… it was founded in the mid 1800’s with the name South Fork, mainly because it is on the south fork of the Pit river.  In 1861, the US added a Post Office.  But PO rules did not allow for cities with two word names, so the local residents had to come up with a new name.  They couldn’t agree on one, everyone had a different suggestion.  So finally one said “We’re never likely to find a name”.  This had a ring they liked, they proposed it, and hence the name of Likely, CA.

Our coach parked for the night

A view over one of the fairways

Through the wagon wheel

This is a desert, after all

The 3d tee, if memory serves

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“Desert Voices” hike

Another hike close to our camp site is the “Desert Voices” hike.  It is a moderate hike, only 2 1/2 miles long, and plenty of scenery.  It starts right at the Green River where river runners end their 5 day float down river.

Looking back down the Green River. Our campground is close to the middle of this picture.

Start of the hike and also boat launch and retrieval are for Green River river kayakers.

Along the hike, Split Mountain in the distance

Lots of color this time of the year, even in the desert.

All along the trail are signs of ground upheaval

Desert trees take a long time to grow and have a very stunted growth pattern

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