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Hike to Phoenix Park Waterfall

Although the Phoenix Park Waterfall is beautiful, it is not viewed often because it is so remote.  You either have to hike or use an ATV, and even an ATV can’t make it all the way.  The road is very rough with steep sections and 14 water crossings.  So we decided to hike in.  Hey, it’s only at 11,000 ft. altitude….

Admittedly, a rough hike but in beautiful surroundings.  And the falls were great, although probably a lot better earlier in the year with more water runoff.  So we hiked for some 6 miles with 1,300 ft.of vertical climbing.  Romola even managed to complete some of her least favorite hiking activities: crossing a creek on a log bridge.  This is what hiking is all about:  scenery, peacefulness, and no crowds.


The Fourth with the Rollers

Six years ago, we joined the Pikes Peak Rollers, an FMCA chapter out of Colorado Springs.  This year, we joined their Fourth of July Rally held in Buena Vista, Colorado.  It was a good time, with lots of social interaction, events, food and local activities.

New to us this year was the annual horse race.  Using 6 “jockeys”, the “horses” advanced on the roll of foam rubber dice.  Since real money was used with real bookies, it was lively, spirited, and I lost all my bets.

The Buena Vista Fourth Parade was rather small, it is after all a small town  But it was refreshing to see the local entries and the patriotism showed by participants and attendees alike.  And the kids gots lots of candy…

The Fireworks were spectacular.  Not only because of the fireworks themselves, but set against the majestic backdrop of the Rocky Mountains and evening sky  it became an event unto itself.  Too bad I forgot my “real” camera, these cell phone pictures will have to do….