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Chama – Ghost Ranch hike

Long ago, when rustlers hid their cattle in a box canyon in New Mexico, they floated the idea that there were witches to keep people away. This eventually morphed into the name Ghost Ranch. Georgia O’Keefe did a lot of her art work here, she split her living between the Ghost Ranch and New York. The ranch was eventually given to the Presbyterian church. Today it is a retreat emphasizing art and spirituality.

Gael and Darryl Barker joined us for a trip to the Ghost Ranch. On the way we stopped at Echo Amphitheater. This is a huge natural rock formation, and is currently used as a tourist attraction. I believe it also is an event center.

We selected the Box Canyon hike. It was a beautiful hike, along the stream which we crossed 40 times. The scenery is magnificent. You can see why Georgia O’Keefe was so inspired by the area. A most pleasant day.

Chama – Elk Wilderness Trail

From Taos we had an easy drive to Chama, where we stayed for a week at the Sky Mountain RV park. While there, we met up with some of the Pikes Peak Rollers as a pre-rally gathering. And had an entertaining evening with Sarah, singer and raconteur.

But first we did a short hike on the Elk Wilderness Trail. Didn’t see any elk, but plenty of wild flowers. And a very threatening sky, but we made it back before the rains.