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Seeing double

September 24, 2010 Leave a comment

Although there are quite a few motorhomes like ours on the road, we finally saw one that had exactly the same colors.  Not only did we see one, he actually was in the space next to us!   Good thing I didn’t come home late after a bender, I may have tried to get in the wrong one.

Although we both had the same colors, ours was 6 months newer and the colors are not exactly the same.  Maybe ours just bleached out a little more :0….


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Adding a steering stabilizer

March 29, 2010 Leave a comment

The instructions are easy.  No problem, no sweat to add a steering stabilizer to our motor home (a steering stabilizer help keep the coach from running off the road if you have a tire blowout).  But, it’s not THAT easy to get to.

Crawling under the coach

Getting to the suspension calls for crawling

The bolts were REALLY tight.  I ended up buying a heavy duty impact wrench (with 900 ft-lbs of torque) and even that had a hard time.  Same for doing the installation; the 3/4″ Grade 8 bolts with lock nuts required a long time to tighten up.  This is some serious hardware!

Bracket end of the install

I had to install one of the new, longer bolts “upside down” because there was not enough room in the front axle location to actually insert the new longer bolt.  The extra 1/2″ length made it impossible to insert because of interference with te mounting plate.  I also had to install the stabilizer attaching bolt upside down because otherwise my new air impact wrench would not fit between the ground and the bolt, and I didn’t feel like trying to raise the coach anymore!

Opposite end

Opposite end, attached to the tie rod bracket

Well, it’s all installed now.  I assume I will have less problems with side winds, and should I have a blowout it is a huge safety item.  But it sure took a lot of work to get the final installation!

Completed install

Completed install

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