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Vancouver, with Scottish friends

September 4, 2016 Leave a comment

Two years ago,  we met Robert and Margaret Hunter on a cruise.   They were from Scotland,  and invited us to visit with them in Edinburgh when we got to Scotland.   We did,  and they were excellent hosts. 

As it turns out,  they were going on an Alaska cruise departing from Vancouver about the same time we would be there.  So we were pleased to be able to slow them around my former home city. 

We visited Richmond Night Market, Stanley Park,  Burnaby, and took the gondola up Grouse Mountain.  It was a lot of fun,  and the city rewarded us with nice weather.   Vancouver is right up there as one of our favorite places to be..

Arriving at the Richmond Night Market

You can buy clothes here……

…. and lots of street food.

Robert and Margaret, a little overwhelmed

Totem poles in Stanley Park

Lions Gate Bridge

At the logging show

Harris hawk

Glad this guy was behind a fence!

Looking down towards Vancouver

Sunset as seen from the top of Grouse Mountain

Another view of the city at dusk