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Warnemunde/Rostock, Germany 

Our next port of call was Warnemunde, Germany.  Before the reunification this was East Germany’s largest seaport.  After the reunification much of the traffic moved to other cities like Hamburg.  However, its location near miles of beaches, and the university town of Rostock, has brought new prosperity to the area.

Rostock is known for Rostock University, founded in 1419. Rostock Botanical Garden has an arboretum and alpine gardens. ­In the old town, the Gothic St. Mary’s Church features a 15th-century astronomical clock. Nearby is the cobblestone Neuer Markt main square and Rathaus (town hall), which mixes Gothic and baroque styles.

Many on our cruise ship elected to go to Berlin, but 3 hours on a train didn’t apeal to us, so we took a local train to Rostock and did some local sightseeing.