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A new year, a new country

February 20, 2015 3 comments

On February 24, 2014 we start our next big trip… circumnavigating (mostly) South America.

We will spend 4 days in Buenos Aires, and sample some of the local scenery, food, and culture. We look forward to a lot of scenery, some great food, and of course — Tango!

On march 1 we board the Infinity (Celebrity Cruise Lines) to begin the first part of out 4 week cruise. We will sail to Uruguay, then through the Drake Passage (reputed to be the roughest seas on earth), then up through Chile. On the 14th day we arrive in Santiago, Chile.

After one day in Santiago, we cruise north and touch base in Peru. We will see Panama, as we cruise the entire Panama Canal. A few more stops, and arrive in Fort Lauderdale. From here by plane back to Dallas.

Should be a terrific cruise!

Starting in Argentina....

Starting in Argentina….