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Granby, CO (Day 3)

The third day of the AIM rally had us going for some white water rafting on the Colorado river.  First was a bus drive to the rafting company headquarters, where we were outfitted with most fashionable PFD (can’t call them life vests anymore). From there, a converted school bus took us along some bumpy roads to the raft launching area.

Here we were given some instructions, which proved to be very helpful later.  We then got on our raft for initially a lazy float down the river.  But then some rapids cane along, and I kept my camera in a dry sack.  Such fun in the rapids!  Just class 1 2 and some 3 so nothing too serious.

But then, our guide showed us how to spin the boat while going down the rapids.  Unfortunately, he made a mistake and we bumped into the rocky shores.  Both Romola and I were thrown from the boat, and were now navigating the rapids – without a boat. But we recalled our instructions, pointed our feet downstream, and were finally pulled back in the boat.  

The rest of the trip was uneventful, except our clothes were soaking wet so we were kind of chilled. We were glad to finally get back, take a hot shower, and put on dry clothes. But all in all it was a fun trip and some added thrills for our trip.

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Granby, CO (Day 2)

The second day of the AIM rally had options of ATV rides or white water rafting. We chose ATV riding, and were taken by bus to Kremmling, WY, about 30 miles away. There we met the ATV rental people who got us equipped with helmets, an ATV, and instruction.

The ride was supposed to be about two hours long, so Les and I shared riving “duties”.  Navigation was easy, it was all GPS controlled, all we had to do was follow the blue line.  It wasn’t that easy, but after some mistakes we got it figured out.

The first part was on town roads, no issues.  Then we went on ATV paths, which were quite bumpy.  The further we got, the bumpier.  Eventually we ended up at a steep hill, and I drove up it… until our wheels were skidding ad we were stopped.  We were pointed up at a 45 degree angle, I was concerned about sliding backwards.  Romola, who was navigation, switched the ATV to four wheel drive and up we went.  After that, it became easier.

We switched drivers, and Les took over. There were several steep hills, which by now were no problem. But when you get to the top all you see is sky… it’s disconcerting not to see the road going down! But eventually we made it back to the start. A truly interesting day!

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Granby, CO (AIM Rally day 1)

We attended the AIM rally in Granby, CO. Near Estes Park, this location is known for summer and winter activities. It was a great place for AIM to hold their rally. It was held at River Run RV Resort, a huge new park that is still growing.

After arrival, we met up with the Cooks and the Phillips, and attended the AIM cocktail hour and dinner. Good to see all the face again and renew acquaintances.

Our first day activities were horseback riding or wagon ride to an old homestead. We decided not to go horseback to prevent sore body parts, not riding for years didn’t prepare us physically. So we did a much mores sedate wagon ride.

We ended the day with another get together and, of course, more food and drink.

Buena Vista, CO

We always enjoy Buena Vista, so we stopped by for a few days as we hear north and west. Managed to get an RV park near town, a little run down, but it had all the services we needed.

There is a favorite restaurant called Quincy’s. It is unique because it only has one item on the menu- filet mignon during the week and prime rib on weekends, with all the trimmings. We couldn’t pass up a prime rib night.

Good thing we also know some nice hikes in the area. BV has a river that is used for rafting and white water sports, and over the bridge there are many trails for hiking, biking and equestrian enjoyment. Part of these trails used to be a rail way originally used for transporting mine goods. They have been converted into riding and hiking trails.

So all told a pleasant few days with good eating and good hiking to work it off again.

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South Fork, Buena Vista

July 13, 2021 1 comment

After the July 4th rally Romola and I drove to South Fork. It’s quite a climb over Wolf Creek Pass, we were down to 32 mph up hill. In South Fork, our RV site was right on the river, where we watched fly fishermen, birds, and amazing sunsets. We also stopped at the Grande Premium Meats, a store specializing in wild game meat and bought some elk, bison and venison.

A few days rest, and we drove to Buena Vista. We had dinner at Quincy’s, a favorite for filets and prime rib meals. And enjoyed several hikes up to the abandoned railway, originally used to transport mining goods to town. BV has quite an extensive network of hiking, biking, equestrian and Jeep trails. However, there was quite a bit of damage visible from the recent heavy rains and resulting landslides.

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Durango; Ouray

We moved our Pikes Peak Roller rally to Durango for the Fourth of July. We had a very pleasant time, good food, good fellowship. Some card games added some high finance spice to the gathering. I believe I won $13!

The last day we drove to Ouray. This takes us from Durango to Silverton, then over the Million Dollar Highway. There was some of the most magnificent scenery you can find. But the driver better keep their eyes on the road, there is a huge cliff right at the side of the road.

We had a nice lunch in Ouray. We did split up as the tourists pretty will filled the town. But we found the Red Mountain Brewery and enjoyed some local craft beer and food.

We were surprised by the weather on the way back. Going over Red Pass we hit a hail/snow storm. And that while it was close to 90 degrees in Durango! We slowed down for safety and made it back in one piece. But that won’t be easy to forget!

Chama – Ghost Ranch hike

Long ago, when rustlers hid their cattle in a box canyon in New Mexico, they floated the idea that there were witches to keep people away. This eventually morphed into the name Ghost Ranch. Georgia O’Keefe did a lot of her art work here, she split her living between the Ghost Ranch and New York. The ranch was eventually given to the Presbyterian church. Today it is a retreat emphasizing art and spirituality.

Gael and Darryl Barker joined us for a trip to the Ghost Ranch. On the way we stopped at Echo Amphitheater. This is a huge natural rock formation, and is currently used as a tourist attraction. I believe it also is an event center.

We selected the Box Canyon hike. It was a beautiful hike, along the stream which we crossed 40 times. The scenery is magnificent. You can see why Georgia O’Keefe was so inspired by the area. A most pleasant day.

Chama – Elk Wilderness Trail

From Taos we had an easy drive to Chama, where we stayed for a week at the Sky Mountain RV park. While there, we met up with some of the Pikes Peak Rollers as a pre-rally gathering. And had an entertaining evening with Sarah, singer and raconteur.

But first we did a short hike on the Elk Wilderness Trail. Didn’t see any elk, but plenty of wild flowers. And a very threatening sky, but we made it back before the rains.

Taos, NM

After Santa Fe, we drove to Taos and staid at the Bella Monta RV park. Kind of exposed on the plain, but a pleasant stay.

First, we hiked to the Rio Grande River Gorge, which was quite spectacular. We hiked the West Rim trail and got some good early morning views.

The next day we drove the Enchanted Circle, and stopped at the very moving Vietnam Memorial. Many years ago I did this on my bicycle, it was much easier in my car.

We also visited the Earth Station, a neighborhood of custom designed fully self reliant homes. No water, no sewer, no electricity, all provided by clever design using nature itself. Very informative, we could use more of this thinking in designing our cities.

Santa Fe, NM

We spent 4 days in Santa Fe, staying at the Santa Fe Skies RV Resort. It’s a nice park, a little pricey, but the best of the area. The owner has a large collection of antique equipment as well as art work decorating the park. It was hot, al the area had record breaking heat. But nothing to dampen our enjoyment of the area.

We had a nice hike where we met a couple named Joanie and Jim, who lived within walking distance from the many trails in the area. The next morning we had coffee with them, and had a great time talking about many things. We hope to visit with them again on some future trip.

Lunch one day was at the Fun Noodle Bar, where noodles were hand made. But the best thing was the food itself was great. After that we had a nice walk in the Plaza. Now it’s on to Taos.

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