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Chinese Lantern Festival

November 23, 2012 1 comment

Some pictures taken at our family visit to the Chinese Lantern Festival near downtown Dallas.  It is spectacular; it takes over three months to make the exhibits.  Just imagine all the steel wire and colored fabric used!

San Juan Capistrano

September 25, 2011 Leave a comment

The mission at San Juan Capistrano is famous for its swallows, but historically it is one of the oldest and largest mission dating back to the mid 1700’s.  A major earthquake in 1812 destroyed much of the facility, and it fell into disuse.  But in the 1900’s restoration was begun, and now it has been restored as a major tourist attraction.

Note that it has been restored as ruins, to reflect as much as possible the way it was after the ‘quake.  It remains as one of the most visited historical sites on the west coast.

We also would like to thank our hosts.  Linda and Rainer were most gracious and we enjoyed their company — and hospitality.

We had to climb over Ortega Pass to get to San Juan Capistrano. Great view back, but a dangerous road!

The grounds are colorful with plants

Inside the monastery

Home of the swallows

Inside the chapel

The bells of the monastery

Some of the columns

Linda, our most gracious host

Inside the quake damaged nave

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Pro soccer in Dallas

March 20, 2011 Leave a comment

True, profesional soccer is not a mainstay sport in the USA, but it is increasing in popularity.   Daughter Tanya, who plays indoor soccer n a ladies team, got us extra tickets to attend the FC Dallas opening match agains the Chicago Fire.  Had a nice dinner (loud fans!) and a short stroll to the stadium.

The stadium is sponsored by Pizza Hut.  It is a new stadium, well done, very fan friendly.  There was a reasonably large crowd, cheering on the local team.  Very upset when a favorite layer was red carded and kicked from the game.   Dallas survived to a 1 – 1 tie.

We had a lot o fun and may even go back to next weeks game.

Waiting for our drinks, and food....

Walking into the new Pizza Hut stadium

Some of the action....

More action in front of our goal

We were treated to a very nice moonrise over the stadium


Moving day; and a test of this blog

December 26, 2009 6 comments

Moving day

It’s cold outside, at least for Texas.  It is currently 25F, well below freezing but we are snug in our home on wheels.  There is no problem keeping it warm inside!  But later we will have to get the coach on the road so we can meet up with the rest of the family in Hemphill, TX.  That is the home of Mary, Tanya’s mother in law.  A beautiful place, in the woods, and on the Toledo Bend Reservoir.  We look forward to getting together with the family!

Testing this blog

Today I will also do a limited publication of this blog site.  I am testing to see if I want to switch to this WordPress site, or stay with the Apple site as I used in 2009.  Comments are inited.

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Our 2010 blog

December 10, 2009 Leave a comment

This will be our blog for 2010, where we will chronicle our travels throughout the USA.   Here is our “home”:

We welcome you to follow along as we explore the country and spend time with old and new friends.