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September: sunrise, market, concert

The month started with a great sunrise. Right across from our house is an open area, with a mile long walking path. We use it regularly for our walks. And, since it looks east, a good sunrise view.

When we traveled in our motor home, we liked visiting local farmers markets. Turns out there is a pretty large one in Dallas, so we finally decided to go and visit. It wasn’t fully open (the main hall was closed for a special event) but we did find some fresh veggies (and some local balsamic vinegar, which we have yet to use).

You may know Romola (as is my entire family) are pet lovers. So, when we saw a pretty white dog with no collar, we wanted to catch her and at least find some place that would care for her. But she was very skittish, never allowing us to get close. We tried several days but never got anywhere near her. Romola left food and water out but no luck. We never saw the dog again.

We (Romola, Stacy and I) went to a free concert at the Dallas arboretum. The band was a cover band for Queen, and lived up to the price we paid. But the evening was a success, with lots of families coming out with picnic baskets, food and drink. And there were several food trucks, too. And we now know how early Texans learn to drink :)….

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