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Fall cruise, a bad start

We had booked a cruise on Holland America from Montreal to Fort Lauderdale. This would be an excellent fall trip, and we were looking forward to seeing fall colors along the Saint Lawrence Seaway. So, we flew to Montreal, where we had booked a nice hotel, had a nice dinner, and went to bed, anticipating boarding the ship the next day.

Unfortunately, Romola started feeling like something was not right in her chest. This was unexpected, and serious, so we called the hotel who called 911. The medics arrived and checked her out and were suspicious of a possible heart problem. So off we went to the McGill University Hospital. This is a huge place, we counted 54 ER rooms, and all were full. Like others, Romola was left on a gurney in the hall. But the ECG was still attached so we could monitor her heart.

The ER doctor thought it was aFib, a common condition, but decided to wait until the cardiology doctors arrived in the morning. They did, and confirmed that it was aFib, something to watch but it shouldn’t cause us to miss our cruise. They put her on some medication, but the ER can’t dispense drugs, so we walked over to the nearest pharmacy, got the meds, and ubered back to the hotel.

Well we didn’t get much sleep that night, but all is well and we made our cruise. There is a whole album on our cruise at our album site http://www.laninga.com. Just go to 2022, the cruises, then Montreal cruise.

After we got back, we met with our own cardiologist for a complete checkup. He pretty well agreed with the Montreal docs, adjusted her medication, and told us just to keep an eye out if this happens again but it shouldn’t change our life too much. So we are now aware of the issue and will live our life accordingly.

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